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Is this a new book?

Is this a new book?

December 3, 2021

LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE. Is this a new book?

Yes and No! LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE, a mystery featuring Bostonian Dana Pierson and Italian priest Father Giovanni Borelli, was originally published in 2015 by Berkley/Random House. Dana, an investigative journalist, and Borelli, who has held various, vaguely defined roles at the Vatican, find themselves working together—reluctantly at first—when an elderly nun is found dead in a small church in Prague and a Czech politician is murdered in the old town square.

After I published the original Dana Pierson mystery, I realized that both characters had more stories to tell. I wrote and published two more books. BLOODLINE AND WINE takes place several years later when Dana visits Father Borelli at his family home in Tuscany. Shortly after her arrival, someone breaks onto the cellar at Borelli Vineyards, destroying thousands of gallons of valuable Brunello wine and leaving the elderly caretaker for dead. Again, the two join forces to discover who is responsible.

The third book in the series, ANGEL BOY, is set in Dana’s hometown of Boston and features Father Borelli’s teenaged grand-niece, Mia Antonelli, who is staying with Dana for the school year. When several mysterious fires are set in local Catholic Churches, Dana becomes involved in the investigation, unaware that Mia has set out to solve another mystery—what happened to Dana’s three-year-old son who disappeared thirteen years ago.

After writing the second and third Dana Pierson mysteries, I knew I wanted to make a few changes to the original LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE. This second edition is basically the same story, though there are small but significant changes in the last few chapters. I’ve also added a list of characters because readers told me the Czech names were confusing and hard to follow. The most striking difference is probably the new cover, created by artist Brian Florence, who has designed all three covers in the series.

I’m offering this second edition of LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE free on December 7, 8, and 9 as a Kindle eBook.

Paperbacks and eBooks are available for all three books in the Dana Pierson mystery series.

Please enjoy, share with friends, and write a review!


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