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Drinking Myself Through Another Novel

Drinking Myself Through Another Novel

September 4, 2018

Okay, now that I have your attention, this blog post isn’t strictly about drinking, though some drinking is involved.

Those who have read my previous novels, know I enjoy doing on-site, hands-on research. My current work in progress, BLOODLINE AND WINE, is set in the wine country of Tuscany. The novel involves a wine mystery. At the center of the story is the famous Brunello of Montalcino.

I visited several vineyards in Tuscany where I learned about the growing process, the harvest, the aging of wine. I tasted the Brunello, a wine that must be produced from 100% sangiovese grapes grown only in a specific area within the municipality of Montalcino. Wine production and even bottling must be done within the designated area, too. I enjoy wine, but even after learning more about the process, I’m hardly an expert, and like Dana Pierson, my protagonist in LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE, and now BLOODLINE AND WINE, I don’t have the nose or taste buds like some of the characters in the book.

Since my last trip to Italy, I’ve read more about wine production, and I’ve been working on this latest novel. My husband Jim has given me two bottles of Brunello, but I haven’t tasted either yet. They say Brunello is made for aging, and I like the idea of something that gets better with age.

My two bottles of wine are in the wine rack now, aging for a special occasion, maybe a launch party or book signing to celebrate the publication of BLOODLINE AND WINE. I’ll let my readers know when I’m ready to open that Brunello. Maybe you can join me for a glass of wine.


Reader Comments:

Wow! What a surprise to hear from you. I wrote you after reading The Woman Who Heard Color and wondered when another book would be coming out. So I am intrigued by your latest Bloodline and Wine. Sounds good and what a great idea to have to go to Italy to do the proper research! So I will be waiting for an invitation to join you in that glass of wine when it is time to celebrate your new book's publication!
-lindajones77, September 4, 2018

I'm thrilled to hear you are writing a new book. Since you will be joining me and my book club for a discussion of your book, the woman who heard color, I am so anxious to read this latest edition.
-Mary Anderson , September 5, 2018

Thank you, lindajones77. This was a fun book to research and write, and I'm excited to share the story, and maybe a glass of wine, with readers.
-Kelly Jones, September 5, 2018

Hi, Mary! Jim and I are both looking forward to our visit with you and Alby. I'm excited to meet the readers in your book club, too. Thank you for the invite. Should be fun!
-Kelly Jones, September 5, 2018

Kelly, I can hardly wait for your new book to come out. I’ve been to wineries in Tuscany and love the wine. I know your book will bring back lots of memories.
-Pat Malcolm, September 5, 2018

Pat, Maybe we should share a bottle of Brunello on-site in Montalcino!
-Kelly Jones, September 5, 2018

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