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Expanding and Going Wide

Expanding and Going Wide

May 29, 2021

Ok, I’ve expanded and I’m going wide! This may sound like lingo from the Pandemic, the result of sitting around for a year in my sweats, eating junk food, and drinking wine. But, it’s not.

It’s actually book talk, and it means that I’ve “expanded” the distribution of my latest book, BLOODLINE AND WINE. If you go into your local bookstore or even a big box store like Barnes and Noble, please ask for the book, and you will be able to order it now. Or check in your favorite online book store.

Also, eBooks are now available from various eBook vendors. In the publishing business, this is considered “going wide.” So, if you read on a Barnes and Noble Nook or like to buy your eBooks from Kobo or Apple, you can do that now. For librarians, books are also available from Bibliotheca and Baker &Taylor. If you’re a reader and want to get the book or eBook from your local library, please ask.


I’m getting ready to publish my third book in the Dana Pierson series. All three books, LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE, BLOODLINE AND WINE, and the soon-to-be-released ANGEL BOY, are stand-alone novels, but your reading experience will be enhanced by reading all three. The mysteries are solved within each book, but you might want to read them in order if you are following the characters’ stories. So, buy or borrow a book, read, and please do a review. Your support of my work is greatly appreciated. And it makes me smile to know you’ve enjoyed my stories. I couldn’t do this without my readers!

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