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Book #3: the sequel

Book #3: the sequel

September 16, 2021

When I published my first Dana Pierson mystery, LOST AND FOUND IN PRAGUE, in 2015, I had no intention of writing a sequel. Later I realized that I couldn’t let go of the characters, that both Dana and Father Giovanni Borelli had additional stories that needed to be told.

In 2019, I published a second Dana Pierson novel, BLOODLINE AND WINE, and in October this year, I will release a third book in the series, ANGEL BOY.

Readers often ask if the stories should be read in order, if it’s necessary to read the first, then the second book before reading the third. The answer is, “No.” Each story is self-contained, with the necessary clues to solve the mystery within the book. The individual characters’ personal stories continue to develop with each novel, but there is enough background presented to easily follow the story without having read the previously published books.

Thank you for reading my stories. I hope you enjoy each one! If you do, online reviews are always appreciated.



Reader Comments:

I can hardly wait, especially with the title you have given your third book!
-Peggy McMahon, September 17, 2021

Thank you, Peggy!
-Kelly Jones, September 17, 2021

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